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I am Caroline Jordan –
I am a professional Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coach, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, fitness instructor, and athlete. I graduated from from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Communications and Dance, and am certified by WellCoaches, the American Council on Exercise, Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, Schwinn Cycling, Balletone, as well as several other health and wellness agencies.

I am an athlete –
Recognized as the “Group Fitness Instructor of the Year” by UC Davis and rewarded the “Personal Trainer with Passion” from the American Council On Exercise, I have been in ballet shoes since age three and haven’t stopped moving since! I am an avid runner, swimmer, cyclist, and dancer who strives to inspire others to find JOY in movement.

I am an educator –
I lead Corporate Wellness workshops designed to promote healthy work and lifestyle habits. My training courses aim to transform internal capacities of individuals to help them become more efficient, resilient, creative, and able to respond to the speed, complexity, and challenges of the modern workplace.
I have also been a featured fitness professional in Shape Magazine, SF Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, IDEA magazine, and write regularly for established wellness websites.

I inspire –
Throughout my professional and personal life, my passion for wellbeing has been infectious. My workshops and coaching style have been described as “positive, fun, and guaranteed to make you smile”. My mission is to empower others towards finding their passions and living powerful, purposeful lives, as I believe that through wellness everyone can realize their full potential, and live a happy life from the inside out.

I am positive –
I help others cultivate positive thoughts, conquer fears, lead unstoppable lives, and live in health from the inside out.