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Have FAITH, Healing HAPPENS.

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Need a little positive support and encouragement while you heal an injury? Watch this video and get some light! Join me live in San Francisco at the beautiful Grace Cathedral for some coaching and guidance on how to stay strong while you heal an injury. I want to send you this important reminder: HAVE FAITH, healing happens and YOU can experience it too. Leave me a comment below and let me know if this video serves you. Here to support you through all of life’s ups and downs. Stay strong and stay positive. I am sending love to you friends.


Have FAITH, Healing Happens


How To Deal With Setbacks In Healing

Setbacks are a normal part of healing an injury. Here are helpful coaching tips to help you overcome setbacks and keep moving forward.


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Experiencing a healing setback when you thought you were getting better is a total drag. It’s painful, scary, interferes with your life, and messes with your mindset. It’s especially discouraging when you’ve been working really hard and been really patient. I get it.

The truth is, healing, or change of any kind, isn’t linear. The “down” bits of this up-and-down path can be really, really difficult. It’s essential to improve how you handle setbacks so that you can continue to move forward towards healing progress. There are ways to take care of yourself, keep from freaking out, shorten the amount of time it takes to get back to normal, and use your setback to learn more about what your body needs.

The good news for all of us: there’s hope.  Over the past decade I have worked with people all over the globe who struggle with healing setbacks of varying degrees.  Through my work, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to bouncing back and making progress. Here’s what works:

How To Deal With Setbacks In Healing

Take this time to watch this video on “How To Deal With Setbacks In Healing”, it will serve you.

How to Care for Yourself During a Setback:

So how do you deal with it when symptoms return and it feels like you’re not getting better any more? Here are my suggestions:

Accept it. There are two kinds of pain: pain that hurts and pain that changes you.  When you roll with life, instead of resisting it, both kinds help you grow.  Acceptance is letting go and allowing things to be the way they truly are.  It doesn’t mean you don’t care about improving the realities of life – it’s just realizing that the only thing you really have control over is yourself in the present moment.  This simple understanding is the foundation of acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be peace and growth in your life. Practicing acceptance can often be the most powerful step in moving past a setback.

Don’t assume it’s the same old thing. Keep your curiosity open. Notice the details of what’s happening this time, and make room for the possibility that it might be different. Often, for example, the symptoms look similar but the recovery from them is faster and easier. Remember that occasional visits back to the old pattern are actually a normal and important part of healing that helps solidify the new, healthier pattern.

Take really, really, super-good care of yourself. Take this as a time to step back and focus on you. Sometimes when we get better we forget about self care, and you know what? We still need it. If you’re being forced into it, try to embrace it. Take a break and do some of the things that helped you get better in the first place.

If it’s hard to make space for this, ask for help. Especially if you have kids (3-year-olds are not known for their ability to observe “be gentle with mommy day”). And while you’re at it: have the audacity to enjoy taking care of yourself. It’s really okay.

Take note of what might have started the setback. We all have body parts that are vulnerable, and things that push us over the edge, no matter how healthy we are. Knowing yours can help you manage them better and stay healthier.

Take note of what helps. Sometimes when symptoms are milder and more intermittent, it’s easier to notice what provides some relief. Put that in your set of tools for the future, so you can continue learning how to recover more quickly and completely when you do have setbacks.

Reflect and grow better. Ask yourself the following questions after a setback:

  • How can I make sense of this?
  • What have I learned from it?
  • Now that I know this, what would I do differently?

By reflecting back on your setbacks, you can turn them into learning opportunities and become stronger than you were before. “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Take a moment for perspective and self-compassion.

Get support from your loved ones. You’re going to feel a little scared, discouraged, pissed off, and/or stressed out when symptoms come back. Talk about it. Let the people around you love you and care for you. If you’re feeling worried or guilty about not meeting all your responsibilities, talk about that too. Just don’t let it keep you from getting support.

Remind yourself that everything in life is temporary. Yes, there may be pain and uncertainty for a while, but it never lasts forever.  Time heals. It’s easy to get caught up in a bad situation and think, “The world is over!” But actually, this bad feeling and situation are just passing clouds.  They’re just part of an ever-changing experience, and while it’s not always pleasant, it will pass like everything else has passed.  Life doesn’t stop for anyone.

Reach out and help people.

Our setbacks are often mostly about us, wallowing in our own self-pity.  This doesn’t sound great, but we all do it almost every day to a small extent without noticing it.  When you catch yourself doing this, know that the best antidote is to get outside yourself, stop being self-centered, and re-focus on the people around you.  Try to find a way to help someone else.  It will inevitably, infallibly, make you feel better.

Find gratitude in the present moment. Keep your head up.  Take a deep breath and be grateful for everything that remains and everything that’s growing stronger in your life.  When it feels like everything is falling apart, remind yourself that you can either let it define you, destroy you, or let it strengthen you.

If you’re experiencing this kind of setback right now, I’m really sorry. I know how painful and scary and damned inconvenient it is. It can really help to stay focused on what you can do for yourself, right now, in order to keep healing, calm your fears, and even find some joy and fun in the midst of it all!

What Works for You?
How do you take care of yourself when your health backslides for a little while? What’s your experience with the ups and downs of healing? Please leave a comment and let me know!

I am sending you love and positive energy. Stay strong and keep your chin up my friends. And please share this post with someone who could use some encouragement. We all could use a little positive light in our lives.

Here’s to you, growing stronger


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When Will My Injury Fully Heal?

“When will my injury fully heal?” Here’s your answer on how to deal with that question and allow yourself space for healing. 

When will my injury fully heal?

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“When will my injury fully heal?”

This is a question I get asked constantly by clients. Everyone wants a specific timeline to know when they will be “cleared” to go back to their normal routine, activities, and life. But that is the tricky thing about injury. Everybody’s body is different and there is no set time or path to follow. There isn’t a way to control when you will get better or when you will fully heal. There isn’t a doctor or professional out there that can give you the “green light” to return to everything you were doing before the injury. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way.

Your recovery process will be unique to you. You don’t know when you will fully heal or what date you’ll be able to return to the activities you had before your injury. You don’t have control over the healing timeline. This can often be the most frustrating piece of healing: the NOT knowing. When will I recover? Will I recover at all?

This fear and frustration can be overwhelming. It can consume your thoughts, actions, and mind. You might find yourself waiting, saying things like: “I’ll wait until I get better to travel” or “When my injury is healed that is when I’ll start dating” or “I will start being social again once I am better”. But this attitude towards healing does not serve you. If you wait until your injury heals, you could be putting your life on hold.  You have to find ways to live your life despite your injury. You have to challenge yourself to still get OUT there and do incredible things while you heal.

You might find yourself in a dark hole of worry and anxiety. “What if I don’t heal?” “What if it never gets better?” You spend your days in this endless cycle of obsessive thoughts, worried about your injury and the outcome.

When you find yourself in this state of mind: trying to predict or control the date or outcome of your healing, here are my top coaching tips to help you stay positive, powerful, and in the present moment.

Injury Heal

How to deal with the question, “When Will My Injury Heal?”

  1. Stop trying to control. Create space for healing by letting GO. I know this is incredibly challenging to do, especially if you are the type of person who is so used to being able to set and accomplish goals. You can’t put your body on a specific timeline for healing. Trying to control the process of recovery will just end up being frustrating and defeating. The best path is to accept what is and make the best of it. Create a space for healing by allowing your body to do what it needs to do to recover instead of forcing, controlling, or trying to FIX things. You must just let go and let your body do its thing. When you do this then you can give yourself the space to heal.
  2. Remember: the point of power is in the present moment. When you try to predict when you will heal, you are living in the future not in the present. You are getting too far ahead of yourself. You don’t know what the future will hold and living two steps ahead of yourself doesn’t help. Stay in the present moment! Practice gratitude for what you have and find ways to appreciate the moment you are in even when it is challenging.
  3. Do what you can do today. Ok so you can’t run, or wear high heels, or do some of the things you were able to do before the injury. BUT you can do other things! Find those things. Challenge yourself to find new things you CAN do in your life. Spend your energy doing new things. This will be empowering and help you get out of the mindset of obsessing about your injury, your healing, or your outcomes.
  4. You may lose things you love, but you find other things. Ok so I lost running, but I found strength training (and launched an amazing women on weights program to share that love with other women). It’s funny how we outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without, and then we fall in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted.
  5. By stressing about WHEN you will heal, you are creating additional suffering for yourself. Don’t make life harder than it has to be. Let your body heal and focus your mind and energy towards positive things that move you forward in life.
  6. Try to see the bigger picture of your life. This is temporary and there is a greater plan for you outside of this challenge. In fact, this obstacle may lead you to grow into the person you are meant to become. TRUST that there is a purpose within everything you face in growing you stronger and living a more meaningful life.
  7. I want to leave you with this: the point of power is ALWAYS in the present moment. Stay grounded in TODAY and don’t live in the past or worry about the future. Be grateful for where you are in this moment and then make the very best of it.

I encourage you to stay STRONG. To rise up to the challenge. To be AWESOME despite your challenges. To deal with the unpredictability of healing by choosing to live in the present moment and make the best of it. You don’t know what the future will hold or when you will be fully healed. But you DO know that today is a gift and that you can make it count.

Did this video help you? Please share a comment below. If you know a friend who could benefit from the words above, forward this to them. We all could use a little help in healing.

Sending you love and light – stay strong and keep shining my friends.


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Something To Remember When You Feel Hurt, Sad, Lost, or Alone.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you feel hurt, sad, lost, or alone. Read this post and give yourself this important reminder.

Recently I received this thoughtful comment on a Caroline Jordan Fitness self healing meditation : “Hello friends! I just wanted to share my experience with the practice. I just recently had a extremely intense and traumatic event in my life, that has left me unable to pick up my left foot and on crutches. It’s been almost a week, and this meditation helped not only my hope to heal and drive my negotiable thoughts and fears out but the feeling in my leg is more present than it has been since I was shot. A big thank you for sharing this and I intend on practicing it everyday even after I heal! Much love!”

I receive comments and messages like this often from coaching clients, YouTube subscribers, and community. Each note leaves an imprint on my heart and serves as an important reminder that so many of us are fighting a similar battle right now.  

I know in the midst of bad days and hard challenges, it can be easy to look around and see a bunch of people who seem to be doing perfectly fine.  But I assure you they’re not.  We’re all struggling in our own unique way, every single day.  And if we could just be brave enough to open up about it, and talk to each other more often, we’d realize that we are not alone in feeling lost and alone with our issues.

Try to remember this.  No matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel about your own situation, there are others out there experiencing the same emotions.  When you hear yourself say, “I am all alone,” it’s just your subconscious mind trying to convince you of a lie.

There’s always someone who can relate to you.

There’s always someone who understands.

Perhaps you can’t immediately talk to them, but they are out there.

I am out there.

I want you to know that I understand.  Life is not always easy.  Every day can be an unpredictable challenge.  Some days it can be difficult just to get out of bed in the morning, to face reality and put on that smile.  But I want you to know that your smile has kept me going on more days than I can count.  Never forget that, even when times get tough, as they sometimes will, you are incredible, you really are.

So please try to smile more often.  Even when times are hard, you have so many reasons to.  Time and time again, my reason is you.

You won’t always be perfect and neither will I.  Because nobody is perfect, and nobody deserves to be perfect.  Everybody has issues.  Nobody has it easy.  You will never know exactly what I’m going through, and I will never know exactly what you’re going through.  We are all fighting our own unique war.

But we are fighting through it simultaneously, together.

Remember, our courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, “I will try again tomorrow.”  So stand strong.  

Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.

I hope the short story above helps you feel less alone in your challenges.  I hope it gives you hope. Good and bad, losses and wins, I am committed to making the best of this life along with YOU. Have you tried my guided meditation for self healing? Has it helped you through a tough time? I love hearing reviews, comments, and stories from you! Keep them coming   One day at a time, one step at a time. Hard days and not, every day is a gift.  Keep your chin up and keep shining my friends.


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