Reader Request: The Great Abs Debate – Whats YOUR take?

THE PLANK. My favorite core move you can take with you ANYWHERE!

I teach a LOT of core training classes and this question comes up weekly:

“How many days a week should I work my Abs for the best results?”

The summer season brings up this question a LOT… so I thought it was time for a Reader’s Request post!


Depending on where you get your exercise info from, you’ve likely heard one of two things: Either that you should be working your abdominals every day or that you should treat them as every other muscle group, leaving at least 48 hours’ rest between workouts. Fitness professional and Ab training ROCKSTAR, Jake Nash (BSME, CSCS, and author of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Fitness) gives us his opinion on the never-ending abs question,

“The core muscles are unlike most other muscles of the body in that they are active MOST of the time. Relaxing these muscles can be as slowly destructive as an office worker who continually slouches at his or her computer, or as catastrophic as a boxer who relaxes his or her midsection just as a punch arrives. What this tells us is that these muscles are made to be utilized on a much more consistent basis than other muscles. Hence, it follows that they should also be worked with much greater frequency, although at lower loads. So yes, while there are certainly individuals who can do quite well with infrequent core training, for most of my clients, dividing their abs training throughout each and every workout is usually the best option.”

Whats my top tip for quality ab training? Do your core work at the BEGINNING of your workout instead of leaving it until the end. That way you’ll have the energy to perform each ab exercise with QUALITY and energy…. and you wont be tempted to skip out on it early. Remember when it comes to fitness – quality trumps quantity and anything you do is better than nothing. Make time for a few powerful core moves a day and you’ll be on your way to a stronger body 🙂

CHIME IN: Do you work your abs every day or do you target them one day per week? What are your TOP tips for quality core training?

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