Best Of The Bay: Satori Yoga Studio

Satori Studio is a yoga oasis in San Francisco’s Financial District. The space provides a perfect sanctuary to move, stretch, sweat, and connect to your breath. It’s clean, convenient, and reasonably priced – making it easy to fit more yoga into your busy life. Here’s what I love the most:

Location. Many of the other popular San Francisco yoga studios (Yoga Tree, Urban Flow, Yoga Kula, Ah Ha yoga) are not easily accessible from the financial district. Taking 30 minutes to commute to yoga and then to practice for an hour and a half is unfortunately just not realistic. Satori makes it easy to get to and from class without making me take a 1/2 day off work. Satori sits on the second floor of an office building downtown on First and Market Street. It is literally close to EVERYTHING. If you work in the financial district it is probably within walking distance from your office. All bus, bart, and even ferry stops are blocks from the front door making it the perfect stop before, during, or after work.

The Space. You’d be shocked to find so much space in a downtown office building. Satori contains one large and one small room for classes. The rooms are large enough to comfortably accommodate each student – allowing everyone breathing room to enjoy their practice. Each studio is fully equipped with well-kept yoga mats, blocks, and blankets. There are even ropes on the wall for Iyengar practice and Pilates props for pilates private and group sessions. The space is kept immaculately clean and painted soothing colors of blue and green that instantly make you feel serene. There are private changing rooms, two bath rooms, and a welcoming lobby area for students to meet and greet each other. Water, snacks, and plenty of cubby space to store your stuff…. Satori really has you covered.
The Schedule. Satori’s schedule is jam packed with awesome classes to take. And unlike some gyms or yoga studios, they offer class at all hours of the day (2 or 3pm yoga anybody?!). From Rocket Vinyasa to Mellow Flow – Satori’s extensive schedule will allow you to find the yoga that’s right for you. I love that Satori provides hour long yoga classes – making it easy to fit a yoga class into even the busiest day.

The Staff. I have always had a positive and professional experience with Satori’s yoga staff. They are warm, welcoming, and great at remembering names. It’s the best customer service that I have found at any yoga studio in the Bay. You’ll be greeted with a smile when you walk in the door at Satori.

Debbie Steingesser. One of the most talented yoga instructors I’ve found in the Bay Area. For my take on her blissful yoga teachings, check out my review HERE.
Happy Hour Yoga Friday nights. This is the highlight of my week! Class runs from 515 – 630 and then we are treated to a delicious happy hour. Wine, cheese, fresh fruit, and treats – Satori brings something delightful for every student’s tastes. This is the perfect class to bring your friend who’s not sure they like yoga… but VERY sure they like wine. Guarantee you they’ll have a good time 🙂

Thanks to Satori I’ve been able to bring more mindfulness, health, and happiness into my life. Take a moment away from your desk and join me in a class. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it.

Check out Satori online on their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page for up to date info on classes and events. Hope to see you on the MAT!

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