Caroline Jordan Fitness Newsletter 7/17: PROUD . OF . YOU

Caroline Jordan Fitness Schedule and Special Events July 17th – 23rd:

Monday 7/18: 5:30pm Competition Core and 6-645pm Chisel’d, *** NEW CLASS 6:50-7:15pm VIPER EQUINOX

Tuesday 7/19:  12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX, 5pm Ball, 5:30pm BOSU, 6 pm Spin Circuit, and 7pm Sports Stretch Club One Citigroup

Wednesday 7/20: *** NEW CLASS 5:30-6:00pm VIPER, 6-630pm Chisel’d, 630-7pm Core Strength and Stretch EQUINOX

Thursday 7/21: 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX .

Friday 7/22: 12pm Abs and 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX .

Saturday 7/23: 10am Chisel’d and 11am Cycling EQUINOX .

TEAM UP AND SAVE with GROUP personal training! Currently offering JULY discounted rates on couples and group personal training session packages. Get  your summer fitness routine started STRONG with a custom fit workout plan and an extra dose of exercise motivation.  Hurry up and book – time slots fill up fast! CONTACT ME for details.

Fearless Fitness Tip Of the Week: Share Your Story. 

One of  my goals in building this newsletter was to create a community of SUPPORT, MOTIVATION, and ENCOURAGEMENT in your quest towards living a healthy life. Has it helped at all? Have you found information or inspiration that’s empowered you in your FEARLESS life?
Often we forget that our stories inspire others to reach new limits. Fitness comes in many forms and what works for one person might not be exactly right for someone else. Sharing your journey towards wellness may help someone else START. Take a moment this week to reflect on all of your fitness and health accomplishments. Share your journey with someone you care about and inspire them to discover what wellness means for themselves.

I wanted to share  some of your “Summer Fitness Adventure” Photos in this week’s newsletter. Your stories and successes are the reason I love my job. Watching you change into a healthier, happier person is exhilarating. I am here to support you in everything you do and I am so proud to know such powerful people. Keep it up. YOU inspire me everyday.

Summer PLANK in San Francisco with the inspiring, MONIKA MIETHKE .

"Summer fitness means I get to waterski! I just wish I could do it everyday - but living in SF makes that hard : ) But when I can I escape SF and hit the lake to ski. That's the best thing about summer to me!" Thanks Elizabeth Studebaker !!

"Now that the SF "winter" is here I too love using my legs, but to bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge through wind, fog and mist! What a great adventure and an natural facial! 🙂 I head up to the headlands and have my photo taken. 1 hour door to door! great way to prepare for a week of Chisl'd! " Thanks BILL NEVERETT!

This one is a FAVORITE. Alyson Mar getting her summer fitness on with her AWESOME DOG!

Client, Beth Smith, demonstrating her STRONG tennis swing in the summer sunshine! What an athlete! THanks Beth 🙂

Good Friend (and incredible web designer!) Melissa Kelly, "This photo is from a hike starting from the Warming Hut, past the Golden Gate Bridge, and to Baker Beach. I plan on exercising as much as I can outside when the weather is behaving this summer. I also want to finish my first half marathon at the end of July with a great time." I KNOW U WILL melissa!

EQUINOX Trainer, Sara Ris, after a kick butt workout, "F**K YEAH!"

INSPIRING Equinox Member, Carron Oswald, on a summer dive with seals! awesome 🙂

Favorite spin friend, Darrell Cheng, on a summer bike ride with friends. Fitness party in the sunshine!

Friend, Yen Yun, out for a summer diving adventure. Shes too cute!

Fearless Fitness Challenge of the Week: Be PROUD of Yourself. 
Look back on your journey. How far have you come? What obstacles have you faced in your path towards wellness? Be PROUD of yourself for the challenges you’ve overcome and the health you’ve gained. Remind yourself that you are a success story and use it as motivation to KEEP going. 
There has never been another you. You are a once-in-all-history event You are new to nature. You are one of a kind; therefore no one can really predict to what heights you might soar. Even you will not know until you spread your wings. You may not be able to see your undeveloped potential, but it’s there – and it is enormous!

I believe in you and am here to help you reach all your life goals. Take time this week share your story with someone else and BE PROUD of yourself for it. Together we can inspire each other to reach new limits and live our best life. Its a group effort. And YOU are worth it.

If you didnt get a chance to send your fitness photo in, shoot it my way and share your story. Im always listening 🙂

Thanks again for being an amazing fitness family. See you soon for another great workout. Until then…. keep it UP!


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