Medicine Ball Madness!

Fearless Fitness Tip Of the Week: Do you need to be a doctor for that?

A medicine ball is a weighted ball, usually between 4-12 pounds, that you can use in your exercise routine. Due to its weight and shape, it requires a lot of coordination, strength, and stamina to keep under control. The medicine ball is one of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment still used for training today. The ball has been a favorite training toy  among athletes and warriors for over 3,000 years. Medicine Balls were even used by Egyptians, Roman gladiators, and the Greek Spartans in ancient times! Nowadays, you can find med balls in use among Olympic athletes, the first lady of the United States, as well as in most gyms across the country.


  • Functional Strength — The medicine Ball is one of the most effective tools to train all of the muscle groups in your body, especially the important stabilizing muscles that work together for functional strength. This is a huge athletic advantage and isolation lifting does not provide this. Over time, your body will learn to become more efficient (use less energy) because it learns what muscles are needed to work together during certain movements with the ball. When a medicine ball is thrown to you, the path it travels is not exactly known. Therefore, when you catch it, you have to use different muscle groups to balance your body and control the ball. Each repetition is not exactly the same as the last because it is hard to throw, move, or catch a medicine ball the exact same way each time. This trains your body’s muscles to react faster to handle the heavy load in a natural way.
  • FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FOR ENDORPHIN JUNKIES. Click on the link to read how medicine balls can be used to improve performance in endurance athletes.
  • Versatility — Exercises can be tailored for specific sports or movements. Medicine balls can be used on a spectrum from rehabilitation training to plyometric training.
  • Inexpensive and Accessible — To use the medicine balls, you do not need to purchase expensive or complicated equipment. Many times, you can buy a new med ball for around $20. Most gyms and clubs have an array of different medicine balls to choose from. Ask the floor trainer to point you in the right direction!

Fearless Fitness Challenge of the Week: Medicine Ball Madness!


You can do a TON of exercises with the ball. Squats, lunges, woodchops… anything is possible and will challenge your body in a different way than regular weight training. Your challenge this week is to explore different ways to workout with the medicine ball. Come up with THREE of your favorite exercises – how can you use the medicine call to challenge YOUR body? Here’s my FAVORITE functional core circuit using a medicine ball… can you handle it?

Do you currently use medicine balls? What is YOUR favorite med ball exercise?

We will be using the medicine ball in class this week…. come and get ready to BRING IT!


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Keep your eyes open this week for a recap blog post on my weekend with Seren-i-Tea in Union Square. Lots of fun photos from our fun time in the sun together!
Have a great week and I’ll see you soon for another awesome workout!

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  • By courtney (pancakes and postcards) - Reply

    medicine balls are awesome. I really should use them more when I’m at the gym!

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