Readers CHIME IN! Your #1 POWER Workout Song.

Ok Fearless Fitness Blog readers…. Ive got an IMPORTANT question for you….

Whats your # 1 POWER Workout Song?

Leave a comment below with your favorite jam that never fails to get you motivated and moving. Im compiling a playlist with ALL your top picks to share on the blog NEXT SUNDAY NOV. 20th. Lets keep each other POWERED UP to workout! Leave a comment below with your #1 Favorite tune to sweat to. Cant wait to hear all your song selections – together we will motivate each other to POWER up our workouts!!

Looking forward to hearing some great music 🙂 Hope to see you soon for a workout!


5 thoughts on “Readers CHIME IN! Your #1 POWER Workout Song.

  • By Kim - Reply

    No Se Controla by Dos Four. Addicted to this music. Keeps me smiling at the gym. Here, watch.

  • By Christina - Reply

    My favorite running song is What is Life by George harrison- gets me up and happy everytime!

  • By Steve W. - Reply

    I know it’s very 80s, but….
    Whip It! by Devo.
    perfect for cycling outdoors, the colder it gets the louder you have to play it 😉

    I dare Caroline to use it in class!!!!

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