The FEARLESS Fitness Test. Where ARE you? Where do you want to GO?


This baby can do a one handed pushup!! CAN YOU?

Caroline Jordan Fitness Tip of the Week: Fitness Testing. 

Is your time in the gym actually working? The fitness test is a valuable tool in measuring progress as you move towards your health and fitness goals. If you dont currently have any goals…. then its time to GET SOME. When your training time has a purpose you’re much more likely to stay committed and consistent with exercise.  The below test was designed to access your current fitness level. It will help you know where you are RIGHT NOW and set a goal on where you want to be in a months time. In 30 days, I will challenge you to RETAKE the test and access your progress. I know you will STEP IT UP and beat your first score (everyone is a little competitive in there somewhere 😉 This a a great way to break out of your comfort zone, push past plateaus, and give you a goal WORTH working towards.

Here are a few other benefits of the FITNESS TEST: 

1. It will measure how much you are improving…EVEN if the scale hasn’t moved.
2. It will measure if you need to step it up more (See if what you are doing in your current fitness routine is really working).
3. It will measure changes in performance (which you should have if you’ve got a good training program). This will help motivate you to continue doing what they are doing.
4. It will show you how SUCCESSFUL you are in working towards your fitness goals. Its all about BABY steps towards better health people 😉

Heres where the challenge part comes in: I want you to take the below fitness test THIS WEEK. Once you have completed the test, WRITE your results as a comment at the end of this post. In one month I will ask you to share your results again and we will celebrate how far you’ve come.

Sharing your results in the comment section will help keep you ACCOUNTABLE and motivate you to progress towards your fitness goals. Putting it down in WRITING is the first step towards making it happen. Writing your goals on paper is scary isnt it? Why? Because that means its REAL. Its OUT there. You actually have to commit to it.

I challenge you to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Take the test. Set a goal. Write it down below. I cant wait to read all your comments and cheer you on towards progress. Its time to make some changes. Its time to spice it up a bit. Its time to live your best life.

Move fearlessly forward. Good luck to you ALL!

Caroline Jordan Fitness CHALLENGE of the week: The Fearless Fitness Test.

There are a total of eight exercises in this self-test. This is not as much as a formal assessment as it is a snapshot of where you are now. The exercises will act as your fitness baseline and give you an idea of your strength, endurance, conditioning, core strength, and balance capabilities. These exercises are eye openers to show you what you need to improve on. You might do well, or you might struggle. IT DOESN’T MATTER. What does matter is how you improve over time. If you continue on your path towards your fitness and health goals you WILL see dramatic improvements. If you truly focus on becoming 1 percent better every day, just think of how great you’ll be after a month of consistent efforts 🙂

Perform the exercises below in the order listed. Rest for 2-3 minutes after each exercise to make sure you’re not fatigued for the next one. Do this routine BEFORE one of your workouts this week. You’ll repeat the same series of exercises in one month, compare your test to what your score written below, and see how much you’ve improved. I think the best way to get through the test is to grab a fitness friend and  have a date to work through the exercises and test each other. You can also ask a personal  trainer at your gym (the ones that work the floor are super helpful!) to walk you through proper form for each of the exercises. Whatever works – just TEST yourself this week!

  1. Exercise One: Overhead Squat. How many “perfect squats” can you perform in one minute? Lower body strength test. Click HERE for proper technique and helpful information on how to perform this exercise with quality. You will be testing WITHOUT weight.
  2. Exercise Two: Pushup. How many “perfect pushups” can you perform in one minute? Upper body strength test. Click HERE for proper form and modifications on the pushup.
  3. Exercise Three: Single Leg Balance Touch/Single leg Deadlift. Start with your left leg for 60 seconds. How many cumulative single leg balance touches can you perform in one minute? Repeat the process on your right leg. Balance and muscular imbalances test. Click here for proper form cues and image of this move. Remember, you will be doing this exercise WITHOUT weight!
  4. Exercise Four: Back Row. Complete as many QUALITY back rows as possible in 60 seconds. This exercise is a TOUGH ONE. Click here to learn proper form and modifications. Bent knees on this exercise is a GREAT option!!
  5. Exercise Five: Hover Plank. See how long you can hold a forearm hover plank WITHOUT loosing your form. Record your maximum time. Core strength and stability test. Click here for proper PLANK form. 
  6. Exercise Six: One Mile Run/Walk.  Test your best speed in a one mile run. If you are not a runner, perform the test power walking instead. Speed and conditioning test. Make sure to WARM UP before you race it! Record your mile time below.:)
  7. Exercise Seven: BURPEE Test. How many burpees can you perform in one minute? Record your number. Beginners – walk out into plank instead of jump. Click here for notes on proper burpee form. 
  8. Exercise Eight: Sit And Reach. Remember this exercise from high school PE? Time to revisit your teen years and grab a ruler! Heres a simple way to test the sit and reach at home .
If you have ANY questions about the exercises or need a quick demo, dont hesitate to reach out and contact me. Im here and I want you to succeed!
Write all of your results BELOW in the comments section for safe keeping. In ONE month we will retest and you can look at what you’ve written and SEE progress! Cant wait to read your scores and cheer you on as you progress to getting stronger.
Good luck! Cant wait to see you in class this week and hear how it goes. See you soon for another great workout…. we will be practicing your burpees 😉
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One thought on “The FEARLESS Fitness Test. Where ARE you? Where do you want to GO?

  • By Margo - Reply

    Hi Caroline!! I forgot to post these after class last week… Push up– 34! Sit up– 35 Burpee– 28 Squat jumps– 52 plank– 65 sec. I am out of town this next week through Labor Day! I will miss you for class, but will be getting some good exercise in the Berkshires outside of NY. See you in September! Margo

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